Gallia County Agricultural Society

P.O. Box 931
Gallipolis, OH 45631

July 12, 2022

Dear Fair Supporter:

We are going to pre-register buyers for the 2021 Friday and Saturday Fair Sales. Enclosed you should find your two buyer numbers on two separate cards. These numbers will be used for both sales, so please bring these cards with you on BOTH Friday and Saturday. The Red number is for animals you buy and want to go to Resale. It should have RESALE printed on the bottom. The Black number is for animals you buy and want to go to DESIGNATED butcher shop. It should
have BUTCHER printed on the bottom.

By holding up one of these cards when you buy an animal, it automatically tells us who bought the animal and where the animal is going. It also saves you the hassle of filling out paperwork at the Sale because we will already have it on file. Therefore, it is so important that you fill out the pre-registration sheet enclosed and return it as soon as possible. Please check your Printed Buyer Number enclosed for Errors such as a MAIL RETURN address. If there are any Changes to buyer contact or phone number since Last Year, Feel free to contact us regarding any changes by email or with the Registration Form.

ALL the animals will be transferred out immediately after they sell so there will be no time to change the destination. Also, even though the ring men may know you, please hold up your number at the Sale so we will know where the animal that you buy is going. Hopefully by doing this, we can make the Sale go as quickly and smoothly as possible. When you return your pre-registration form AND did not designate a butcher shop on the form, the Sale Chairman will make the decision as to where the animal will go.


Note to Add On Buyers

All buyers adding an additional amount to an auction Item will be announced at the end of that particular sale.

Pre-registration form Due Date: Monday, July 26, 2021.

Thank you for your continuing support and cooperation.

Please bring your sale number cards to both sales.

The same numbers will be used both days.

Sale Dates

Friday, August 6, 2021
9:00am 61st Annual Market Hog Sale
Friday, August 7, 2021
9:00am 9th Annual Market Goat Sale
9:30am 39th Annual Tobacco Sale
10:00am 63rd Annual Market Lamb Sale
11:00am 70th Annual Market Steer Sale

Processing Options

Call the processor of your choice to make arrangements prior to the sale. All butcher shos are state inspected.

Trucking Also Available

Trucking Also Available


Contact People

Name Number
Mike McCalla, Co-chair 446-1763
Kent Shawver, Co-chair 446-6337
Jim Wiseman 441-9314
Brent Eastman 446-9668
Kyle Deel 388-7447
Bruce Scarberry 245-9289
Paul Shoemaker 367-0583
Tim Massie 379-2785
Rob Massie 446-7299
Tom Moore 446-4850
Travis Fisher 446-2163
Rodney Alderman 388-8194
Steve Beaver 446-4540
Phil Bonzo 446-2717
Ken Saunders 446-7565
Ronnie Slone 256-1049
Adam Clark 446-9290
Matt Saunders 446-2974

Two-Day Livestock Sale

Please come back and support the kids on Saturday!