In 1964 a modern building with restroom and shower facilities was completed.


In 1965 the fair board acquired seventeen additional acres for the development of a camping area. This serene and quiet campsite at the rear of the fairgrounds registered travelers and campers who in 1979 registered from 35 states.


In 1966, a new fair board office was built in the upstairs of the Commercial Building.


In 1967, a roof was constructed over the fifty by fifty stage. Also in 1967 the Junior Fair was expanded into a five day fair for the first time with the addition of Tuesday night, a night with emphasis on religion and spiritual needs of the community.


In 1968 new hard surface roads were built on the main fairgrounds, flood control drainage was installed, and expansion of electrical wiring in all buildings took place.


In 1969 a new utility building which would house up to fifty horses was added to the grounds.


In 1973 due to an increase in livestock entries, the horse barn was converted to a dairy barn and a new horse barn which would hold up to one hundred horses was constructed.


In 1975 new restrooms and shower facilities were added to the campgrounds and both the main fairgrounds and campgrounds were connected to the Gallipolis City Northwest Sewer Project. Through twenty-five years the fair has grown and expanded to become officially recognized as the largest exclusive junior fair in the state of Ohio. The need for …

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