In 1977 the fair expanded to a six day event and a permanent fence was installed around the main fairgrounds. Also, a new meeting room was added to the fair office and one-half miles of roads were built in the parking areas.


In 1984 due to the large number of livestock project exhibits, the show arena was enlarged, the dairy barn was rearranged, and a milking parlor was installed. Also in 1984, a new larger water main was installed to accommodate the large demand for water during the week of the fair.


In 1985 a ten year mortgage on the land purchased in 1975 was burned in a ceremony conducted at the fairgrounds. A set of portable scales were purchased.


A second set of portable scales was added in 1986. Also in 1986 more portable bleachers were added to accommodate fair goers.


In 1987, increased electricity needs demanded a new electrical service in the beef barn.


In 1988, because of an increase in project numbers, the sheep/swine barn was remodeled by replacing all pens with smaller pens to house more sheep and swine projects in that barn. Also, two sets of ten-row bleachers were purchased to increase the seating capacity for events at the track.


In the fall of 1989, due to another large increase in project numbers in the sheep and swine barn, the Board realized that it was once again time to make necessary preparations for the construction of a new barn to house projects.


In 1990 the dream became a reality as a new barn was constructed alongside the sheep/swine building and dedicated ten days before the opening of the fair. The old sheep/swine barn was converted to a swine barn, electrical systems were completely overhauled and updated, parking areas were tiled and two more sets of ten-row bleachers …

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